Saturday, January 1, 2011

Being Prepared

Life has been good to us lately. A little too good. I'm not one to be suspicious (this may be a lie) but anytime things go too smoothly I start to worry.

What would happen if my husband left me?
What would I do if a giant earthquake hit?
How do I survive chemical warfare?

You know, the typical housewife-y stuff.

So today I spent a good chunk of my day preparing survival kits. If we are ever in a bad situation that we have the good fortune to survive the initial blow, it'd be nice to have the tools and supplies needed to stay alive.

I ventured to my most favorite of favorites NRA supporting army surplus survival outfitters ( and dropped exactly $333.14.

What did we get? I'll do more than tell you- I'll show you. In about 3-5 business days. But in the meantime, talk to your friends and your family. Are you prepared for the unexpected?

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