Monday, January 10, 2011

Being Prepared: Part II

The loot from Cheaper Than Dirt has arrived, and we are reasonably ready for a natural disaster.

Three. Boxes. Of. Stuff.

All sorts of goodies in here- CB and am/fm radios, magnesium flints, compasses, two different types of blankets, MRE's... you name it and chances are it's somewhere in this photo.

Including stuff to help deal with radiation from a nuclear attack. And wool blankets to keep us warm.

And platoon kits stuffed full with medical supplies, hopefully enough to keep us and our neighbors patched up if necessary.

"But how on earth would you carry all of this?" In a molle style backpack, of course!

I can't believe how much stuff can be packed into that backpack. When I saw those boxes I thought I had over-ordered. But much to my surprise, everything packed away neatly. I have enough supplies for the two of us to survive comfortably for about a week. If we were to ration, it could last us much, much longer.

Hello 2011 - I'm hoping this is a year of feeling secure and prepared for whatever life throws at us.


  1. Looks like you're prepared for any disaster!

  2. I feel better having it set aside. Hope we never have to use it!