Friday, January 21, 2011


I'm come to the conclusion that I need to start giving back. I am so blessed, I have everything I need in my life and I'm healthy and happy. Now that I'm at this point, I really want to start giving back.

What would I do? Not sure, but my contenders so far:

1. Salmon - It may sound weird, but salmon have always been linked closely to my life. They're a sacred fish to me- they remind me of my family and of my life. There's a group that gets together once a month to help clear known salmon runs.

2. Teaching English as a Second Language - This requires a lot of thought, as the commitment is a big one. Twice a week for at least a year. But it's something that could really change someone's life- helping someone to be able to communicate with the people around them... It'd be a wonderful thing.

3. Local Library - We have a new and gorgeous library being built 2 blocks away. It'd be nice to help them out.

4. Purrfect Pals - The hubs and I want to use our professional quality equipment to help a nonprofit organization find homes for abandoned felines. They were able to help us when we had no other options... We owe it to them to give back. We have already been in contact with them, so this volunteer project is officially on its way.

5. Community Garden - There's a community garden in Redmond that donates food to the hungry. I desperately want land so I can grow my own food, but realistically this isn't going to happen anytime soon. I can use this urge to play in the dirt for good, and not just for my own stomach.

So there you have it - 5 things that have been weighing on my mind. I want to make this year a good year, not just for myself but for the people around me.

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