Thursday, February 24, 2011


Snow, snow, snow! Thankfully we live in an area that was mostly avoided- we got about an inch and a half. My mom called yesterday and said she had almost nine inches in Port Angeles! Absolutely insane.

Yesterday around 7am, the husband handed me his phone with an email from his work pulled up on it.

"We could really use you in San Diego."

And in less than 6 hours he was on a plane flying south.

First Taipei. Then San Diego. Next time I'm crawling into his suitcase and going along. I'm desperate for some warmth and sunshine.


  1. 20 inches at the business park where hubby works. TWENTY! INCHES! He stayed home from work today...

  2. Holy shit! That is some epic snow fall... Hope all three of you stay safe and warm!

  3. I know! And it all happened overnight! No way could the Civic take on that kind of snowfall... we stayed inside by the fire.

  4. Sounds like the perfect course of action. I'm so ready for winter to be done.. I'm thirsty for some warmer days!