Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stuff. Literally.

So I've been thinking a lot about Stuff.

Back when I was younger and maybe a little less secure, I clung to stuff. My room and home was always cluttered and I remember being horribly ashamed by how disorganized I was. And now that I'm older and more secure, I'm thinking about letting almost all of my things go.

I have three bookshelves full of books and craft projects and papers and trinkets. I have purses that overfloweth, I have shoes that I love but never wear. And I have about four vacuum-sealed bags full of clothes under the bed- full of clothes that I rarely look at, let alone touch. I have vases that I have inherited but never use, so they sit stashed away under the kitchen counter. I have old beer steins from my grandmother that I haven't ever used, and they are sitting on our fridge collecting dust and being under-appreciated... And don't even get me started on the entry-way closet. It is packed full...

And why? What good is this stuff doing for me?

I just hung up the phone with my hubby (he's still fighting the good fight in Taipei) and we had a great conversation about what we consider important. We've given away a lot already- we gave away a gorgeous 42" flat screen tv, as well as donated four car-fulls of stuff. But I feel like we are just getting started. There is so much stuff left to give.

So spring cleaning has officially begun. Let the donation fest begin.

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