Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wishful Wednesday #1

So this will be the first installment of Wishful Wednesdays.

This one I discovered on the ferry to Port Angeles on Friday night. We had the joy of parking front center on the ferry, right next to the motorcycles. My eyes about flew out of my head when I saw a bike like this:

Photo by Joshua Hoffman. Featured at Bike EXIF.

Behold- A 1982 Honda C70 Passport.

I can't get over it- it's like a Schwinn/Vespa lovechild.

I used to be all about having a motorcycle. I would tease my mom about starting a biker gang- we'd both get matching tattoos and beefy cruisers that would be way too powerful for us. When I met my husband, it was a major goal in our lives... Life events kept getting in the way, not to mention the lack of garage and the increased theft in the area. It simply wouldn't be convenient.

But this makes me reconsider our lack of motorcycles. We've been daydreaming and talking about taking the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course for about two years now- it's a good way to learn how to ride as well as to get endorsed for two-wheeled vehicles. There's a class going on at the end of August... maybe it's time to make this daydream into reality.

You can find these bikes for less than $1000. Seriously! I've spent more on handbags!

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