Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sleeping beauty? Not so much.

I hate that the little things will irritate me and prevent me from falling asleep. Even if they're minute, if something is on repeat for more than 3 minutes, my mind locks onto it. If I hear that sound throughout the period of time that I'm trying to sleep, I'll wake up and start getting severely pissy.

I moved out from my dorm in college because the girl sniffled too much. Yes, sniffled. Every morning she'd wake up and refuse to use a kleenex. I'd buy them for her, so she'd have them sitting right next to her while she was typing away on her laptop. Sniiiiiif. I'd roll over and mumble "kleenex!" but she was never bright enough to ever get it. I could handle her being a snotty bitch, but the sniffling was really what killed it for me.

So imagine poor Val. It's the season for cold and flu, and now he's been a victim. I always cuddle right behind him with my face buried in his back. Well, he's got a nasty sore throat with the sniffles. Every 30 seconds (yes, I counted), he'll swallow. After being up for a few hours because of it, I left the bedroom, grabbed some cough drops and tossed them onto his chest.

If little things bother me so much, imagine how I felt last night when Val has the swallows and my cat has the howls. ALL night the two traded off in their annoyance, a delicate balance of how-to-piss-julie-off. I grabbed my sleeping bag and stormed out to the recliner in the living room, where I got repeatedly whacked in the face by the cat.

So, the entire summary of this post: Julie hasn't slept in two days.
Today's mission: Try to be pleasant for V-day & buy earplugs.

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