Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mochi's Early Valentine's Gift

Mochi is getting his present a little early this year... The bachelor of love is getting what he's had coming to him for a looooong time:


That's right, folks! He's getting micro-chipped, a manicure, and The Operation.

As to why I waited so long- he was rather sickly the first year or so of his life with us, and now that there's the money and his health is good enough to handle the stress... It's time!

The one thing that pisses me off about the whole procedure is how the vets always push annual vaccines. Vaccines aren't always the best thing for your pet... I hate having them shoved on my pets without my permission. I also hate being treated like an idiot because I personally think they're a horrible idea.

Anyway, Mochi is being forced to have yet another rabies vaccine. I understand it's the law, but at the same time rabies is so amazingly rare... The chance that Mochi would get out of the house and a rabid squirrel would be RIGHT there to attack him... I'd have better chances at winning the lotto. And for him, with multiple shots comes the increased risk of cancer. What a prize!

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