Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Out of the blue...

My morning routine was fairly normal today. Roll out of bed, throw stuff in the laundry, jump into the shower and then drag myself up to the computer to finish waking up. The first thing I saw- 5 messages from my Chinese Stalker(tm). For those of you who aren't familiar with him, he was a guy I met at China while I was teaching. I met him at one of the English Corners at a university. Well, soon enough he started showing up at my school and following me around. Everytime I tried to do anything without him, he'd call up the other teachers' cellphones and demand to know where I was. It was kinda scary.

I told him he had to back off because he was freaking me out. The next thing I knew he was sleeping across the street making sure I wasn't out with another guy and banging on my door at 3am in a jealous rage.

I didn't have a ride to the airport on the day I left, so I managed to stay chummy with him long enough to use his translation services to get me where I wanted to go. Once I was back in the US, I stopped talking to him completely. The last time I talked to him (on AIM) he had said "Murder will out" and logged off, since I didn't agree to meet up with him in Canada.

So... yeah. Part of me is intrigued. Why would he get back in touch with me after all this time? I'm really tempted to shoot back a message and to see what kind of drama follows.

In other news, I might be starting up Middle Eastern Dance. I've managed to get a bit plumper than I'm used to, and I could really use the toning! Classes start tomorrow.


  1. Gotta love the Psychos. They just keep popping up when you least expect it. They couldn't take a hint if you beat it into them.

    I enjoy knowing that my Psycho Ex hasn't had another girlfriend since I left him. It shows me that I'm not the only girl who finds him a DON'T.

    And, the Chinese Stalker... why did he want to meet in Canada? Why not the US?

  2. Wow, Chinese Stalker(tm)(c)(all rights reserved). That takes me back.

  3. The US wouldn't dare let him in without a green card. He said he tried to get into the US but failed, so wanted me to come up to Canada to "patch things up."

  4. How long were you guys together? When you've been apart longer than you've been together, that's a sign you really HAVE to let it go.