Sunday, October 8, 2006

More frogs!

It's another 3 day weekend for Julie!

I LOVE working at a bank! Hurray for Columbus!

And in other news, the dart frogging adventure is evolving! After discovering that Seattle has a TON of dart froggers, I ventured out to find a few of them. Turns out, Darren Meyer (no relation) lives in Seattle and has a very, very impressive frog collection. We got in contact and Val and I went over to his house today to check out his frogs.

I don't think I've ever been more impressed in my life.

I don't remember seeing dart frogs in person ever. Seeing such amazingly brilliant and teeny tiny creatures was just a complete trip for me. Turns out there's a show in Puyallup a couple of weeks from now, and Darren will be there with a large amount of frogs for sale. Looks like Julie is going to be a new mom to some amphibians very, very soon!

Here are the kinds I'm looking at:

All pictures have been snatched from They have fantastic pictures on their site, and I strongly encourage anyone interested in darts to check it out.

I'm strongly leaning towards the last frog. They're simply amazing in person- very vivid, very bold, and watching them stalk around in their tank is a really impressive experience.


  1. Oooooooh, shiny! I like the first one.

  2. Thanks! I really have no idea what I'll be getting... I'm so excited to find out. :)