Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve

In the mist of everything going on in the world, it seems incredibly trivial that I would even consider posting what I'm going to post tonight. However, I am on my third bottle of hard cider, and on my behalf it is nearly 1am.

I cried tonight. Not for political reasons, not for financial woe, not for lack of food or companionship.

I cried over my hair.

After debating about it for several months, I picked out a box hair dye in Herbal Essences "Chardonnay Shimmer." After the recommended 25 minutes, my hair was orange. No, not ALL the hair, just the roots. So bright orange-blonde roots with darker blonde tresses.

Not so hot.

I cried. I combed. Val played with my hair, kissed me, gave me a giant hug and ran to the grocery store to grab me some booze.

That boy has marriage potential!

And at any rate, after 3 drinks I'm thinking that my life isn't all that bad. Uneven hair aside, I have an amazing best friend, an incredible family, a great job, and an incredible budding handbag collection. My life is pretty damn sweet.

Besides, where's the harm in being just a little ginger?


  1. Hooray for drunken blog comments! It's my turn n ow... Happy New Year!

  2. Yay indeed for drunken comments! Happy New Year to you too!

    I'm not a huge fan on pictures, but I can tell you it was awful. Thankfully I was able to balance the color out with some garnier nutrisse "butternut." I told myself I'd never dye my hair again since The Incident but just couldn't help myself this time.