Friday, April 6, 2012

The SCAMP Sailboat

Don't you love it when the stars align?

For example:

Last Monday, I went sailing and fell back in love with the water.
Last Wednesday, I returned from Maui, and on Thursday, found an amazing boat design with roots in Port Townsend.  Incidentally, that was the birthplace of my father.
Last Friday I bought building plans, and joined the Small Craft Advisory forum.
And yesterday, a post on said forum reveals that the designer (who lives in New Zealand), will be here in August to teach 12 people how to build their own boats in Port Townsend.

What an amazing opportunity.   And such great timing.

So what is this boat that has me all worked up and misty-eyed?

It's called the SCAMP (Small Craft Advisory Magazine Project).

She is short (less than 12'), stout (5'4 wide), bull-nosed, and a little beast.  Not exactly what I imagined myself falling in love with.

But there is something compelling about her.  

She's so much boat for her length- I look at this boat and I'm just in complete awe that she's less than 12' long.

I can't help it.  I'm smitten.  

All photos have been stolen from this page: The Small Craft Advisor.   Obviously, I don't have one of my own to photograph.  I'm hoping that will change. 

This is the video where I feel irrevocably in love:

Have you ever been in love with a boat?


  1. Scary looking but cute. You sure its safe? I totally saw that capsizing happening.

  2. Sailing in a small boat in rough weather rarely qualifies as safe, but I take comfort that this little watermelon had to be forced over to be capsized. And that she can be righted easily.

    It may not look like it, but there's a lot of comfort in this video!

    Synopsis of the active capsize here:

    I can't wait to get started! If I play my cards right, I'll be starting the centerboard next Saturday. :) I don't expect to get her done within a year, or even two, but I think it'll be worth it in the end. Life dream, ahoy!

  3. Julie - I have SCAMP fever also. I got to board the SCAMP in May and interview the brainchild behind it - Josh Colvin - for my podcast. Are you going to be at the August class in PT? I plan on coming over to do some interview. Best, Wooden Boat Dan

    1. Hello Dan!

      Glad to meet another person with SCAMP fever! I won't be attending the class, but I do intend to come over and check out the school and meet everyone.

      Will you be building a SCAMP someday?