Friday, March 2, 2012

March Madness... Or is it Starch Madness?

I have just received a box via UPS. I bet you can't guess what's inside.

Are you a mind reader or something? How did you guess?

Why, yes, those are Ozette potatoes on the left. Yes, it is probably the oldest potato cultivar in North America. And yes, a small percentage of my ancestors devoured them.

And while you mention it, the Bintje potato on the right IS indeed the most popular potato in Belgium.

And in the form of the lowly potato, I see an opportunity to celebrate my husband's ancestors and my own. There's something wildly, tuberly romantic about knowing that these late season varieties will grow old together.

Ah, romance.


  1. SO EXCITING!!!!

    Mine haven't arrived yet. :(

  2. Sadness! Did you find the type you were looking for?