Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sewing Table: The Saga Continues

I am covered in paint. It's apparently the only way I can effectively get stuff done. My creative process has always been wrought with chaos.

I can't decide if I love or hate the color yet. It is growing on me, but the initial shock hasn't worn off yet.

Something I do love: Gnome fabric from This will the very first thing I'll be sewing on my table when I'm done.

EDITED 1/28/12: So the gnome fabric was NOT the first thing to get sewn. Turns out I'm not brave enough to cut it. I'll practice on a few things first, and once I gain some courage those gnomes are going to get it!


  1. You know what is funny? I saw the gnome print fabric and knew it was your post before I even saw your title or name in my google reader. :D

  2. Hah! I've got a serious gnome problem, but I'm not sure where to go to get treatment. I had never been a gnome person, either, but something was triggered as soon as we got Casa Crustante. Must be something in the water!