Thursday, January 26, 2012

Beard on Bread

We eat mostly organic foods made from whole materials, including bread. Unfortunately, our bread machine died in a spat of flames a couple of weeks ago, and now the job of making bread has become a more manual endeavor.

I've been meaning to learn make bread, to really learn how. And for my 30th birthday in June my brother gifted me Beard on Bread, so I've had this lovely gem of a book for the last 7 months and haven't been making the most of it. Well, that's going to change.

I'm going to attempt to make every (eggless) bread in this book. Because I can. And because I'll learn a valuable skill while I'm at it.

Behold, my first handmade loaf of bread:

Basic White Bread (page 22):

This one was washed with condensed milk (it's what we had, don't judge!) and baked at 400 for 35 minutes. It wasn't perfect, but the taste was incredible. Next time I need to let it rise longer on the second rest.

So take this as a warning- you'll be seeing a lot more photos of bread on here as I work my way through this book.


  1. I learned to make no-kneed bread and love it. Now I make 5 loaves worth at a time, bake one fresh and store the rest in the fridge, making a loaf a day or so for a week. Sometimes we make pizza with a loaf's worth. Very easy and tasty! Good for you for making your own bread. Why eggless if I may ask? Not that I know of many egg-breads, but you have egg machines in your back yard...?

  2. That's great- I've heard wonderful things about the 5-minute bread/no knead bread through Mother Earth News- it's definitely something I plan to try!

    Mmm, I made pizza the other day with fresh dough- there really is nothing better, is there? I used what I had- pesto for the base, spinach and tomato for the topping with pepperjack. I like pizza, but don't LOVE pizza, and holy cow I could probably eat that every day for the rest of my life.

    I grew up in an eggless household (my mother is allergic to them). When it comes to bread, recipes with eggs in them are really overpowering to me, and I just haven't learned to appreciate that flavor.

    When I lived in China, all of my most favorite of foods were the ones that were egg based- especially eggs and tomatoes, egg foo young, egg fried rice, eggs fried with rice noodles, etc. So these little egg factories will be making our dinner and not so much our baked goods. :) Can't wait for them to start laying!