Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nine Days and Counting!

Nine days left until we hopefully have chicks! I candled them on Monday night and at that time we had TEN eggs doing well. Ten! I'm so excited. And a little terrified. We'll see how it goes.

I Red-Greened a baby birdie brooder box. Note the elaborate cardboard hinges and the too-long screws poking out the top. I am leaving them as an anti-cat deterrent. If all ten hatch, I think this will work for the first week or two. After that, we'll see.

I also made some serious headway into building an external nest box on the coop.
Turns out I really like woodworking. I'm having way too much fun with this project. There's something really fantastic about actually building something and having a physical structure to prove what you've done with your day.


  1. Horrible day. I woke up around 4 to just thinking "something's up." Couldn't go out because our flashlight wouldn't work (dead battery stuck inside). Went out at 7am--- my dark brahma and one of the babies were missing. Panic. I found the baby in the next door neighbor's yard. Dear thing must have been captured by raccoons and escaped. But Layla... she wasn't as lucky. I found what remained. We'd never had a problem with raccoons before, and I had left the coop door open so they could frolic in the early morning dewy grass before I woke up.

    And then tonight, at dusk, I go to shut up the coop super extra tight.... and my salmon faverolle is missing. The two babies and my copper maran are in there, but no fluffbutt (the mama hen!!). I've looked everywhere. I hope she' somewhere safe and just hiding, but my heart sinks.

    Not the best news, and definitely not news for a soon-to-be hen mama, but I thought I'd tell you. You'll understand my sadness but also be reminded about coop raccoon-proofing. Evil buggers.

  2. Oh no, that is awful. I am so sorry.. Poor Layla and fluffbutt.. I hope she is somewhere hiding.

    Thanks for sharing. It is an all-too-real reminder for us to be extra vigilant on our build this weekend. Our future chickies will thank you for it.

  3. No mama hen this morning. I just can't believe it. Luckily, the two chicks are big enough that they don't "need" her, and they probably don't have the brain capacity to comprehend things. But, it makes ME sad for them. Now I have two chicks I love, but my least favorite hen is the sole remaining adult! She's not a bad hen... just smart, so she gets into a lot of trouble.

  4. That's so sad.. :( Poor little lady. Thanks for keeping me posted.

    I'm glad the chicks have one adult hen around, even if she's extra naughty. Hope those nasty raccoons stay away!

    I know it's too soon to count my chicks, but if all 10 hatch I'm going to have 7 extra fluffballs hanging around who will need homes. Everyone needs at least one Faverolles, right?

  5. Everyone needs Faverolles!!! Headed south anytime soon?

  6. Maybe! I have some family in Portland that I haven't seen in way, way too long. Is that anywhere close?

  7. STOP THE PRESS!!! FLUFFBUTT HAS RETURNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally screamed from the kitchen when I saw her. I had taken her two babies from the coop because without her around, KFC was being a mean bully to them (and the one had a cut on her wing I think from the raccoons the night before). Fluffbutt was very upset when I put her in the coop and immediately began looking EVERYWHERE for her babies. I brought them out and she was so relieved and began eating.


  8. YAY!!!!!

    Such happy news!!! I'm so glad she's okay, what a relief! So cute that she was so determined to find her chicks. Glad they're all together again. :)

    Thanks for the update!

  9. Congrats on the progress! Looking good on the coop. And wow, 10 eggs. If you want 3 hen, keep at least 6 birds. And alas, there isn't much demand for roos. Maybe someone in the country will take them, but unlikely as they'd compete with theirs. Not to try to dampen your enthusiasm. You're doing great.

  10. This is how my chicken math works:

    12 shipped eggs = 6 viable eggs.
    1/2 of those will be hens (hopefully) = 3

    I'll keep every chick until they start to feather out and I can see who is what (about 2-3 weeks with this coloring). I'll pick what I want, and send off the rest. Roos, while annoying, are tasty, especially with this rare breed (a specialty dish was created just for them) so I'm not too stressed about having extras.

  11. Ah! You're a woman after our own heart! It sure was interesting assisting with the Great Culling of the Roo" two months ago with my brother. If you're comfortable feeding them for 4 months until they crow, then your chicken math is fine, but odds are 2-4 hens out of 6. I say keep them all and have a feast!

    What bread? And most of all, what's this recipe? All my brother found out was teriyaki!