Friday, October 8, 2010

Meet the Dianas!

Remember my internal struggle regarding the Diana F+ and/or the Diana Mini? I now have both. I have yet to master the F+, as I've been having entirely too much fun with the Mini.

Things I've learned so far:
  1. Processing film is expensive. Even run of the mill 35mm color film.
  2. Take your film to a specialty processing lab.
  3. Black and white film is incredible. The tonal range is gorgeous.
  4. ISO 400 film is my friend.
  5. I like life more through a plastic lens.

B&W ISO 400:

Color ISO 400, split exposures:

Color ISO 800:

I got my favorite picture out of my photo experiments, too. Here's my family, all in one 4x6. Something about a plastic lens makes the photos turn out more relaxed and lovely... People don't get all weird about getting their picture taken if the camera is incapable of capturing every tiny flaw.

And the best part about this photo? It was taken the same day. At the same table. The first time my family has had a meal together in at least two years. It was a great day!


  1. I was wondering where you've been! But then I thought, of course you're neglecting the blog! You have a lovely new camera... great pics. I love b&w photos... there's just something about them. I have 3-4 b&w photos that were taken when I was around 3 years old... in the photos my mom and I are playing outside with the dogs while the snow is falling and there's just something magical about them. I don't think they would be half was lovely if they were in color. Your family looks so happy, btw... that makes me happy.

  2. Thank you!! Those pictures sound precious. I agree, there definitely something magical about film, especially black and white.

    Our family has grown a lot, and I'm so glad we're all to the point of talking and hanging out again. I almost burst into tears at the table, it was just so wonderful to be at the same place at the same time with the family... It's been a long road.