Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ninja Eggs

It has come to my attention that I do not like ninja eggs- eggs in baked goods that aren't predominately eggy, if that makes sense.

I love eggs. We rarely ate them growing up, as they were a forbidden food in our household (due to allergies in the family). And when we did get them (my grandmother next door would make them for us on occasion) they were divine.

My mom was (is!) the master of the baked goods, even with the egg allergy. Her pies and cakes are to die for. She's made wedding cakes, won ribbons for her pies, and understands the joy that a beautifully crafted dessert can create. I never felt like we missed anything- we even had eggless carob cakes for birthdays that were divinely decorated. I still don't know how she found the time.

Things that are egg-based I have no problem with. They're honest with their eggfulness- frittatas, quiches, omelettes, etc. They're delicious and savory and lovely. But when you put more than two eggs in a baked good, I get a little wary. That yolk taste can get a bit overwhelming and often ruins the flavor for me.

An egg-xample of eggs behaving properly. No surprises, all egg!

I made German Puff pancakes for brunch today. They were beautiful, but had three eggs in them. I was so excited, but when I took a big bite the egg taste was a bit too strong. Next time I'll do a Bisquick-type-based batter and see how that turns out.


  1. I'm the exact opposite-- I've never liked eggs very much. I don't mind them hiding in baked goods or disguised in something like fried rice, but I don't care for them when they're the star of the dish... unless it's egg whites only. I hate the taste of the yolk! I will always make an exception for deviled eggs, though. Since we've gone egg-free, I don't miss eggs at all... except for an occasional craving for fried rice.

  2. There are definitely some dishes I have yet to fully adjust to- anything with raw egg is off-limits.. and if it's runny, forget about it! I just don't like my eggs to be sneaked.

    I think the absolute worst offender in baked goods is eggs hiding in breads. They don't belong, people! Don't do it!

    Mmm, I love fried rice! Have you considered throwing in some tofu to take place of the egg? Medium tofu would have a similar texture and sop up all the flavors- I bet it'd be a pretty good replica! That is, if you can stomach tofu.

  3. I agree about eggs in bread. And runny eggs are repulsive! I can't understand how some people can eat them like that... dipping their toast in the runny yolk like they aren't eating a RAW EGG. Ew!

    We like tofu. I haven't used it in a while... maybe it's time to bring it back. For a while I was cubing up firm tofu for Abby to snack on.

  4. Tofu is such an amazing food, I should really eat it more often. That sounds like a great snack- I bet she loved it!