Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lasagna Sandwich?

At one point in my life I would have found the above video inspirational. Now that I'm eating healthier foods and watching my portions, I find it motivational- It's like watching what I could have become.

I find it interesting because they toast with these huge sandwiches and Paula proclaims "We earned this." I used to always justify my poor food choices with similar logic. Perhaps I worked out that day, I had a crabby customer at the bank, I did a lot of homework, dealing with the stress of illness within family, etc, etc. There was always a reason to overeat fatty foods, always a reason to feel like I had earned that five minutes of noshing bliss.

At any rate, it is quite an interesting concept.. There's a veggie lasagna I wouldn't be opposed to making, along with homemade whole wheat garlic bread- I might just be tempted to make a sandwich out of it.

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