Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Night Fun

Today was a fantastic day for us! Not only is it the first day of spring (hello Spring, I've missed you!!) but we finally feel like we are getting married. Yes, we (gasp) live together, and yes, I've got a ring on my hand... But today, we have proof. Solid, tangible, oh-my-goodness-it's-actually-really-happening proof.


We have an embosser!

Of course, like the rational woman I am, I spent the majority of my evening embossing random things (Napkins? Check. Receipts? Check. Coupons? Check.) then photographing my embosser's lovely work. Once I got bored of that, I had to photograph my engagement ring and our new embossed initials. Ah, the joy of being a simply entertained woman!

Not only that, but someone called Val my husband for the first time yesterday. I was locking up our condo and on my way to the grocery store when the sweet neighbor lady commented "Hello there! I never see you, I always see your husband."

I didn't bother correcting her. It sounded too good to fix.

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