Friday, February 27, 2009

Life is a Highway: The Roadtrip

Val and I are embarking on a good ol' American road trip!

We researched all of our options, from cruising to Mexico, sunbathing in Aruba, snorkeling in Hawaii. None of them felt "right." After lamenting my lack of travel in our very own country, Val brought up the idea of taking a road trip.

I didn't jump for joy the first moment he said it, but the more we researched various areas to visit (Dinosaur National Monument!!!) the more appealing it got. Besides, the first trip we ever took was a drive down to California. It was on that trip that I declared my love for my future husband. It's only fitting that we celebrate our marriage with a good journey through a few states.

Here's the rough draft for our adventure, subject to change. :)

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