Wednesday, January 31, 2007

End of January...

And yet another month bites the dust.


2006 taxes
Moving... again
Snow storms
Mini Promotion
Froglet morphed
10LBs gone- 20 left to go

And life creeps on. Didn't January feel like a month long Monday?

I thought this was rather sweet.

Yes, I realize that as a 25 year old woman I have no right to be taking love quizzes... but sometimes it's nice to have a silly quiz validate the way my heart flips everytime I see a certain individual.

Get your love compatibility results here!


  1. The calculator loves you more than me.

  2. So you've moved??? Did you find a lovely place?

  3. Katina, I did slip it $5. That might have had something to do with the high score. ;)

    Amber- Nope. Not as of yet. We have some leads, but nothing set in stone. It's starting to really worry me since we've been looking for a long time and we have to be out of here by the end of March.