Sunday, November 5, 2006

Here comes 2007!

I simply can't get over how fast this year has gone. I am still in shock that I've been out of high school for the last 7 years. The good thing about dating someone younger is that it makes ME feel younger... almost as if my age should be calculated as the average of our ages. I can handle being 23.

I discovered something that really was a flash from the past. While I was tossing out memories at my parents' house, I ran across this picture:

Looks like old habits die hard. I still remember that game- I used to jump whenever that damn werewolf flashed on the screen.

I discovered that there's an awesome Apple II Emulator out there and there are countless games out there that are just waiting to take you back to your elementary years. Oregon Trail? Check! Ghostbusters? Check! Carmen Sandiego? You got it! Click here to get the Apple II emulator... and you can go here to download a crapton of awesome games.

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