Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nail Polish Storage

I've always been crap at being a lady, much to the disappointment and chagrin of my dear mother.  That said, I do have a feminine Achilles heel, and that, my friends, is Essie nail polish.

I refuse to use anything else.  Honestly.  And I have stopped going to the salon for manicures or pedicures because my nails chip 30 minutes after walking out of the salon, EVERY TIME.  And if you're paying $40 to have your nails done, it better damn well last longer than half an hour. 

Anyway, I had some scrap okoume from the boat build lying around, along with a cedar 2x2, so I thought I'd make myself a little Essie nail polish shrine. 

They need to be finished but I'm so pleased with how they turned out. 


  1. I have space for my nailpolish. Problem is... My collection has outgrown the space in less than a year. O_O;

    So my advice, make the shrine a lil on the big side just in case. O_O;

    Meanwhile, I have vowed to not buy anymore nailpolish until I use one up (or unless I throw one out).

    1. There's nothing like a good polish collection, is there?

      Good advice! Fear not for my future polishes, though! I made three shrines- one to be used as a template for any of my future collection needs. It made building two identical shelves super quick and easy. I sincerely hope I'll need to break it out soon for more shelves. :D :D :D

  2. I had to get Ikea level storage to handle my nail polish collection.

    My name is Mellzah and I have a problem. :(

    1. Haha, nice! First step is acknowledging you have a problem!

      They're like candy, delicious, shiny, pretty eye candy. It's impossible to have too many!