Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Blog for Boat Building Related Stuff!

Remember how I said I wanted to keep everything on one blog?

I lied.

Well, not intentionally.  It's just that this boat is taking over my world in such a way that it's eclipsing everything else in my life.

And at this point, I want to post about other things occasionally, but I feel almost guilty to those of you who are trekking across the internet to read about my Scamp to do so.

So, I did some searching, and found that the domain, was available.  It was too perfect to pass up.  I bought it, and now my boat building adventures and everything that is associated with it will have a dedicated home.

Yes, I will continue to update this page occasionally with boat stuff, but I'm hoping to start talking about other things in life too.  Like the AMAZING handbag I just bought,  and how massive my turnips in my raised bed garden are getting.  

If you don't want to update your links, I understand!   The button on the top of my page will shuttle you over to the new blog.

In other news, I SAILED ON A SCAMP YESTERDAY! And it was fantastic.  There is something remarkable about this boat, and I'm so glad that I've picked this design. 


  1. Hooray! Glad you finally got to sail a Scamp. Tell us more! Was it at the NWSWBB open house? Was it with JohnW? Get any photos or vids?

    1. It was nice! I was at the boat school, and with Howard Rice. I only got photos of Val's sail. I left all of my gear on shore, although I really wish I had of taken a video or something, at least with my phone.

      I'm heading back to the school today, and to another SCAMPer's house to see his build. Should be a photo-full day. :)

  2. Just checked out the new sailing blog. Brilliant. I love your boating posts but I must admit, I miss all your other posts too about chickens, house, recipes, etc. I'll be reading both. :)

    1. Thank you, Pear! I hope to not disappoint on either blog. :) Thanks for reading!