Monday, July 2, 2012

There's Still Time to Enroll!

Just wanted to share this comment from Pete Leenhouts, the director of the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding
We are hosting the SCAMP-building class in partnership with the Northwest Maritime Center (NWMC) 6-17 Aug 2012, and are inviting everyone interested in SCAMPS to come up to Port Townsend to meet John Welsford (SCAMP's designer), Howard Rice and our SCAMP boatbuilding assistants Saturday, August 11th in the NWMC shop.
For those of you who are actually wanting to build a boat and not just gripe about it on a blog (looks in the mirror), this would be a fantastic opportunity to do it!  I'm already heartbreakingly jealous of those who will be attending- it looks to be quite an adventure.

More information here

May the SCAMP be with you!


  1. Thanks Julie. I'm sure you'll at least be dropping by for a look-see and visit :-)


  2. Absolutely! I'll be there in spirit and will attempt to harass everyone at least once. :)