Monday, July 16, 2012

Boat Update of No Update.

Minor victories:

70% of the 9mm pieces have been cut out.  There are a few giant ones remaining, notably, anything that requires a scarf (scarfing is the term used to describe joining two pieces of wood together).  On Rio, that involves the hull bottom and the cockpit sole, along with the planks and the deck. 

After practicing scarffing with my block plane, I've determined that there's NO way I'm going to be able to use just a block plane for the entirety of my scarfs. It would be feasible to do so on the planks, but on the larger pieces (the hull bottom and cockpit sole), it'd take a considerable amount of time.   So, I purchased the West System Scarffer.   It should arrive on Wednesday.

And all of the lightening holes have been cut out:

I've purchased the hatches for bulkhead #3.  I'll be using the 13x17 Tempress hatches

Slow and steady.  


  1. Hello Julie,

    I made copies of the PDF as well and put them in a three ring binder that was a great idea. I was looking at the base jig side pattern and that was alittle fuzzy on where the vertical points meet the curve? Did you have the same question about those intersections?

    Good day Arthur

    1. Hello Arthur!

      Is this the side profile of the building jig? If so, I don't think the location of the building base frames is pivotal- as long as the curve of the building jig is uninterrupted and everything is square.

      Speaking of the building jig, I've seen a few modifications of the building jig on the SCA forum- one of which had a neat little shelf below the building area to store pieces in, another with wheels. Thought both were great modification, plus it raises the jig up to a more comfortable build height.

      Here's a building jig on casters:

      And here's the one with storage:

  2. Julie,

    I took a look at that hatch today at our local West Marine and it seems to be an excellent one.
    You definitely want the cam-latch version but I think that is the only style available in that size.

    Compared to the Bomar one we used on SCAMP #1, the opening width is virtually the same with the height of the cut-out just a bit less, so the area ends up about 30% less for the Tempress. The width is the key when it comes to getting your head and shoulders in for rumaging. I'm 6' and the 10-1/2" - 11" width works for me.

    Carry on!


    1. Great, glad it checks out! It is the cam-latch version. :)

      I'm excited to have something that will someday be installed in my little boat. I've received my first "Um, you've been working on this for a while now... when is this going to look like a boat?" comment, so having these hatches as a light at the end of the tunnel is helping.