Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

You should know how this blog goes by now. I post and post and post and then I fall off the earth for a couple of weeks (or a month) and then I go back to the post and post and post routine.

But this time it's a little different.

I managed to drown my brand new gorgeous laptop. In beer.


Not my proudest moment.

The good news is that I uploaded all my photos from all of my crazy photography outings that I've been on lately. Engagement photos, new house photos, another set of engagement photos (teeny tiny mini session, but it still counts!) and pet photos. So nothing was lost, thankfully. BUT, it has hindered me in my ability to share things with you.

Things like my Valentine's Day gift to my husband. What do you give a man who has everything he wants? You make him stuff.

Like beer truffles (...ironically flavored exactly like the beer my laptop chugged shortly before its death.. so much for being budget conscious on V-Day!).

But how do you give him beer truffles?

You make a heart-shaped box out of an old rafter from your new house.

I love it. I'm not proud of it because it's perfect (I couldn't stay on the line to save my life), I'm proud of it because I made it. And it was functional. And someday I'll look back on this little rugged box and laugh, Oh, you were such a beginner.



  1. Love the box! I think it will always be special. :) I can't believe the beer story! That's so sad! It if makes you feel any better, our two laptops both have the screen portions becoming disconnected from the keyboard portions. We'll soon be in the same shoes as you with at least one busted computer!

  2. Thank you, Jessika! I think I'll finish it, give it a good, proper sanding and a finish of some kind. I'm a huge fan of Watco's Butcher Block Oil- It'll keep it food safe so I can use this box in the future. His years of store bought Valentine's chocolates are over!

    I feel like our home is a graveyard for busted machines. I have my old laptop which has at least 3 keys fall off while you're trying to type on it. My desktop (which I'm using now) that has a broken fan, so it makes a very loud rattling when it's running, and now my beautiful riot shield laptop (the thing is HUGE) that has suffered a sweet death (to be fair, it's just the keyboard that no longer works- thankfully it'll be a cheap fix- about $40 vs. the cost of a new machine). I'm too rough on our gadgets. :(

    Hope your two laptops hang on! Sounds like they're fighting a noble battle.

  3. Your box is beautiful! I wanted to let you know I was thinking of you. I know your Dads birthday is tomorrow. I will pray for you tomorrow. I can't imagine how much you miss him.

  4. Thank you, Amanda!

    I appreciate the prayers! Yesterday was a rough day for us. It was like being kicked right back to that first week after he passed, which was weird, because I really felt like I had a handle on things the day before. :P

    Hope all is well with you!