Monday, June 25, 2007


It's crazy to think that I'm still changing as a person. After all this time, even after I hit the quarter of a century mark, I can still tell my personality is really changing. Every once in a while I miss the girl I used to be- the girl who plowed into Scottish country lessons, tried to teach herself how to play the accordion, who tried to build her own boat... I felt fearless- if I wanted to do something (and if I could afford it), I'd give it a whirl.

Now, not so much.

I entertain myself with superficial things... and it's starting to wear on me. I want to be a person that I'm proud of being- someone who actually follows through with their goals and can be relied on. I'm so far from being that person.

At least I have shiny things to keep my mind off of it. Hello brand new Nintendo Wii.

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