Wednesday, August 2, 2006


With the price of rent going up in our complex to $1200 in the next month or two, it's becoming very apparent that it's simply too expensive to rent.

I called up my parents today to discuss my options with them, and they're both very excited that I have an appointment with a realtor on Tuesday. I'm also calling various banks to see what kind of mortgages I qualify for. While I can't afford a house in the area, it would be nice to own something. And that my friends, are where condos come in!

I'm hoping and praying that I'll qualify for a loan large enough to get something here in Redmond. It'd be nice to have a place that I can really turn into a residence- no more institutional-ish white walls with the same cabinets that every other apartment has.

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  1. Yay! Shopping for houses is fun. We're planning to buy as soon as our lease runs up here next spring.