Wednesday, April 23, 2014

First Weekend at New House

My husband escaped from work on Thursday, and we high-tailed it down to our new home in SW Washington.

I can't even begin to tell you how much we love it.

When we bought it, we knew it was nice. It had good bones, a little, erm.. retro.. in some (most) areas, but that it was clean and well loved.

We weren't prepared to love it as much as we do. The space is magnificent.

And no, that isn't just from a small-house dweller moving to a larger home standpoint- we're going from 680sq/ft to 2116, so there's bound to be some shock involved, but really- the house is full of light- at any given point during the day there is some sort of sunlight streaming into the windows.

And the storage. We're going to have to really work hard to fill this home up. And by work, I mean it- I plan on building as much as I can for this home.

The views from the windows are breathtaking. You can see Oregon on a clear morning. The fruit trees were in bloom, and our two acres of pasture is lush and green.

There are lilac trees- just on the verge of blooming- rose bushes, hydrangeas, rhododendrons- it's a beautiful piece of land.

I guess most of the shock comes from putting in the offer before seeing this home- then spending a paltry hour in it while the inspection was occurring. We didn't have a chance to really soak in the property or the house in that time.

Enough with the sentiments, you want to see what we did, right?

Well, a nuclear yellow room was toned down with a gallon of 'Lamp Room Gray' paint.

The 'Lamp Room Gray' turned out a bit bluer than I anticipated- we have the shade in our current house and it's lovely, but it could be the contrast between the wood trim. That'll all change, including the curtains. 

Oh, remember the stars and bald eagle wallpaper that was on the wall in the kitchen?  


It's gone.

And by 'gone' I mean that the face was peeled off- next weekend I'm attacking the glue layer that has been left behind. 

I did save some of the paper- it's really quite epic and I couldn't bear to throw it out. Stars & Stripes forever, yo, but not in my kitchen! (I think having a Rosie the Riveter themed workshop would be amazing, no? And the stars and stripes motif would be pretty cute in there!)

So my life has been packing, planning, drooling at paint swatches, ordering laminate samples- basically awesome. Or at least awesome for me. I'm having a blast.

Oh, you'll get a huge kick out of this. Want to see the luxurious master bedroom?

Yup, sleeping on the floor on a twin-sized memory foam. It's oddly comfortable for being on the floor. We're too cheap to buy a 'real bed' until we move down permanently, so that's our luxurious sleeping arrangement until then.

Anyway, that's the new house update. 


  1. Impressive how you got around the challenges of building or even rebuilding your home. Usually, one gets this space with which to plot a home to, and that it would not be the ideal. And it is up to their imagination to solve its various problems, and proper planning to execute it. And we can do that through a bit of intuition, or maybe with the help of a nice home building software.

    Co Construct

  2. Wow. Yay. Sounds like you're really making the home yours! :)

    Honestly? I'm glad to see the bald eagles go. No offense to your national animal but really? Not in the kitchen. ^__^;

    1. I know, right? There's a bit of a stereotype that is associated with those who surround themselves with ultra-patriotic symbolism that I'd like to step far away from, especially if we're in a small, mostly white town.

      Besides, chickens are really more my style. I love my feathered mini dinosaurs!