Thursday, September 19, 2013

Behold, a wild life summary appears!

I've attempted to post several times, and canned each attempt after getting frustrated with every post.  Nothing felt right.  Everything was disorganized and jumbled.  I have so much to say and yet none of it seemed important.

So, here we are, 6 months since my last post.   Let's summarize all the good/bad/whatever stuff!


Rio The Boat ( is currently being neglected.  I pushed pretty hard on the build over the summer, and ended up getting burned out by how much of life I was missing by focusing on a hunk of plywood that doesn't quite float yet.  The build is SUPPOSED to be fun, and when you're outside in 90F weather with high humidity, wearing long sleeves, jeans, and a respirator, it really, really sucks.  And when you're being accosted by spiders (this year, the spiders are everywhere, you can't walk 20 feet outside without getting tangled in a web), you can't help but get a little frustrated.   This is coupled by the joy of forgetting that you have epoxy on your hands and you, reflexively, try to get a spider/beetle/wasp off of your head, and instead smear epoxy all over your hair.  GOOD TIMES.  No, I haven't given up.  Yes, I still am proud and happy that I'm building a boat.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so why rush it?!


I'm a three-time aunt now.  My brother and his wife had a little boy on March 14th.   He's pretty cute!

My mom was married in Reno to her sweetheart of five years last month.

My husband's Aunt Bev entrusted us with her 1987 VW Westfalia, Casa Rodante, which we drove down to the aforementioned wedding.  It was amazing.  It's such a cool bus that I want to dedicate a post to it.  In the meantime, though, have a photo of its awesomeness:

Yup, custom plates in honor of Bev. 


Casa Crustante is serving us well.  BUT, there are things we need.   1.  Privacy from the nosy neighbors.  2. A Garage  3.  A big fence.  We don't like the area enough to invest in it.  In summary, we'll be moving in a few years.  More on that later.

Remember the property I grew up on?  Well, the land that raised three generations of my family was sold to the S'Klallam tribe for a paltry $285k.  I have, since moving out to the Seattle area, have wanted to move back.  It's where I thought I'd raise my own kids and grow old.  Now that it's no longer in the family, I had spiraled out a bit and have been struggling to figure out where I am supposed to be.   I know this may sound foreign to those of you without a long family history of staying in one spot, but that land was very important to my brother and me. 

The Condo:  We're renting it out right now to some friends, but will be placing it on the market on January 1, 2014.

Aaaand.. there's a bunch of other crap.  But that's it for now.  The weather is shining, the pull to make sawdust is strong, and I've got couches to build.  Yes, I'll be posting about that, too! Look, I've got three things to follow up on, now.  So stay tuned.


  1. Yay! An update!

    I have to admit, as I was reading, I was totally expecting you to say you were moving back to your family property and my heart dropped when I read that that isn't happening. :(

    1. Hello Amber!

      I know it's a little thing in the grand scheme of things, but it was another nail in the coffin of how I expected things to go. Oh well, the past is dust, right? Hope all is well with you!

  2. Glad to hear from you BB. Thanks for your share. Life truly is a journey and we work on it as good as we can. Good to see your courage to keep on building.

    1. Thanks, Rik. The boat posts will happen again, I promise. But other facets of my life (as exhibited by this blog) have been so sorely neglected that I really need a sabbatical.

  3. Woah woah what? You're selling Casa Crustante? You put so much work into it and it's so... so... CUTE!!

    On a side note, I was pleasantly surprised and dlighted to see a new post on my Feedly reader this morning. YAY! (You do realize it's September and you've only posted 4 times this whole year? =P )

    1. Thanks, Pear! I DO know that, and I feel horribly guilty. I have been a blogger for many years and this has been the worst year yet. Although weirdly enough, I have more readers this year than any of the other years, so... Not really sure how to interpret that! haha!

      Now that I'm capable of forming almost complete sentences, I'm looking forward to sharing all the stuff I've been slacking on posting!