Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kitchen: Purchased! And Chicken Obsessing.

We bought our kitchen today! And while we were waiting for our order to be processed, we had a good 30 or so minutes to wander around and admire some of IKEA's offerings. And of course, all I could think about were chicken coops. I'm starting to see chicken coops in EVERYTHING. Garbage can? It can be converted into a coop. Red Flyer Wagon? I could build a gypsy wagon style coop on it! Old pickup truck? I could use it to haul wood to build a coop with! You get the idea.. I've been obsessing.

And since I was in the kitchen section, I got to thinking... "Why couldn't you make a cabinet into a coop...?" And as soon as I got home, I fired up the Google Machine and did some research.

Check out this sketch-up for an IKEA style cabinet coop from a group of architects in Paris, via The Poultry Project:

Image from The Poultry Project-
(many more awesome mockups of this at the link above)

Could you imagine how great it would be to swing by IKEA to pick up a flat packed chicken coop?? I think they're onto something great! No way could my hens live in my kitchen though...

And as I kept browsing, I found this gem built out of a 30" sink cabinet they found on clearance posted on the Backyard Chicken forum:

The forum thread can be read Here

Check out the sweet interior:
It's a bit too small for my future flock of three I long to have someday (maybe I should get bantams?), but it still serves as a great inspiration. What I love most about chickens is the amount of creativity people are putting into keeping them. There are so many fantastic ideas out there.. and I can't wait to see what we end up with.


  1. Congrats on your kitchen! Can't wait to see it installed.

    As for your chicken obsession, just to add insult to injury, there is a Coop of Dreams tour of 12 backyard chicken projects in Everett this Saturday from 11 to 3. I'm going, are you?

  2. Nooooooooooooo! Why Saturday?? Why??

    Unfortunately I'm stuck around the house waiting for my kitchen to arrive. :( Take lots of photos and have fun! That sounds like a blast!

  3. Yay! Can't wait to see it fully installed. :)

    PS - Uh... Do you have enough land space to have chickens? o__o?

  4. One fifth of an acre. And considering what egg industry chickens live in, they'll be living pretty comfortably. :)

  5. Chickens would do well in your back yard, if I remember it well enough. Just give them the space where no garden will grow, hehe.

    As for pictures, I was too busy watching the kids to do that. Alas, I like my coop better than any I saw. Some good ideas though. Sorry you missed it. Good luck on your Kitchen!