Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Dash of Life in General

Life has been a bit hectic lately. I had the amazing opportunity to go back to school full-time, so I seized that opportunity by the horns. I figure that we only live once, and I couldn't bear the thought of spending another 6 months at the bank. I truly love my coworkers, they're great people and I consider some of them my closest friends. Sadly, the job wasn't the right fit for me. I need a bit of creativity, something a bit more technical, something that I could really throw myself in and grow as a person.

Working at a bank isn't a bad gig. Great hours, amazing benefits, and an exceptional chance to meet incredible people. But after 3 1/2 years, I had no intention of making it a career. The mechanisms of the job itself became dull and opportunities lackluster.

I am forever grateful that I have found a partner and companion that could see that I was struggling with the day-to-day. And it is such a blessing that he was willing to let me take a chance on a new life for us.

So now I'm halfway through my first full-time quarter at Lake Washington Technical College. The quarter has been intense, I can feel my rusty synapses coming back to life. Plus I'm creating things that I'm proud of on a daily basis. You can't really ask more of life than that!

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