Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our Wedding Day: The Preview

Our wedding day will consist of three parts: The Ceremony, The Reception, and the Dessert.

We will be getting married in the San Francisco City Hall, an impressive and gorgeous building that has agreed to give us free reign of their northern gallery. The ceremony itself will be a civil ceremony that should last an excruciating 10-15 minutes. We have twisted the arm of the amazing photographer Quan Nguyen to photograph our wedding, ensuring that those fleeting 15 minutes will stay etched in our memories for all time.

Afterward, we will be ushering our beautiful friends and family to our tea reception at Lovejoy's Tea Room. It will be a menu of scones and crumpets, with smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches (and if that doesn't suit you, you'll have 15 other selections to choose from) and of course, wedding cake!

And if the tea reception just wasn't enough for you, and you would like to spend some time admiring the beauty of San Francisco Bay, please consider joining us for the dinner cruise. We'll spend three hours drifting along the bay, enjoying the view of the Golden Gate Bridge while spending time with the ones we love.

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