Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Brief Update!


So in the mist of our cruise ship excitement, I forgot to share with you an interesting event that transpired.

Val got his hair cut!

I had set up an appointment for my birthday to visit a private hair studio (hairbyjoey.com) and Val tagged along. The guy did such an awesome job on my hair that Val was brave enough to sit down in the hot seat. And voila!

So here's a pic of him rocking his new hair-do in Mexico, right by La Bufadora. Rock it, honey!

Also, I was having a bit of a rough day on Monday so I decided to become an ordained minister. It's now Reverend Julie to you, buddy! So if any of you need to get married in a pinch, you know who to go to. I'm also legally available to do exorcisms, but I promise you that all I'll do is throw nail polish remover and to chant in Latin.
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