Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another day, another layout

So I've been playing around with the idea of updating my page... again. Something about this doom and gloom weather that makes me want to scream and look for something that's a tad springy. Well, here we go! Let there be birdies!

I've done the yearly life review and decided to focus on two things: Haiku and fitness. A haiku a day for the entirety of my 27th year. And running. A lot of it. I've discovered that I actually enjoy running quite a bit, although I tend to run myself into shin splints and knee problems. I've backed off for the last 2 weeks and will resume it as soon as this crazy month is over. I'd like to be half-marathon ready by 28- I think it'll help the stress levels as the wedding gets closer and my body will get back into shape.

I genuinely feel sorry for Val- I don't want him to be the poor hot guy who settles for a girl who promptly eats her way to fatsville. While I love my food, I treated it as a coping mechanism while dealing with some serious stress issues. I've since discovered alcohol (just kidding).

Anyway, haiku time:

The sun rays stinging
Pale skin turns angry and red.
Pain for Mexico.

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