Wednesday, February 20, 2008

An Official Update? Nah...

I'm sorry I waited so long to really update this. Since my last post a lot has happened. Since the post before last, even more has happened.

There's really no pleasant way to say it, so here it goes. On November 26th, my dad decided to have a banana split, some cold duck, and some cranberry sauce. He ate these treats, went to sleep, never woke up. He was sick for a long, long time, and while it's a slight consolation that he's no longer suffering, it still tears me up to think about it. I miss him more and more each day as the realization sinks in that I won't see him again. He was almost lucid all the time towards the end... I'm glad we were able to talk as much as we did before he died.

On the bright side of life, my brother is getting married to a really wonderful girl named Sarah next year in July. My dad got to see the ring that my brother picked out for her, and he really enjoyed seeing it.

Val and I aren't wasting anytime on making wedding plans of our own. Since Saturday we've picked out the dress, picked out the date (May 16th, subject to change!), and have an idea for what we want our themes to be. I'm so excited... Val and I make a great team, I'm really really flattered he wants to make it permanent.

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