Monday, July 23, 2007


Remember those irritating little egg shaped things that everyone had when you were 14? Well, guess what? They're still around!

I was looking for a tamagotchi-like application for my new Sidekick and discovered that the old school tamagotchis were still around. I convinced the hot programmer boyfriend to drive me to Target so I could have something to entertain myself with while he attacked the people at the Verizon store. Lo and behold- I picked one out (a green and purple one) and bought it.

Oh the shame.

I really don't know which is worse- the fact that I bought one in the first place, or that I actually enjoy it. The detail in the game has changed significantly- you are in charge of raising generation after generation of Tamagotchis, guiding their career paths, helping them earn money and perhapes even earning status with the King of Tamaland (seriously).

You even get an online code for, and you can play games, earn money, and meet computer run tamagotchi characters to help further your own tamagotchi's purpose.

Sounds a bit lame, I know... but it works. Cheap entertainment is always a good thing.


  1. I remember Tamagotchi! Everyone had one except for me. Enoch (sp?) was a great source of amusement during chemistry class. Not that watching Mr. Trapp bounce off of walls and stick his hands in acid was ever not amusing.

  2. I still have enoch!!! :D Didn't I name my hacky sack Enoch as well? Must be a popular name. :P

    You should fulfill your childhood destiny and get one! They're actually very cute. 2 of my coworkers have one now- I think there's going to be another wave of tamagotchi insanity (for better or worse!).

  3. Enoch seemed to be a very popular name for inanimate objects in high school.

    Speaking of naming inanimate objects, my dad was complaining about the automatic flushing toilets on the ferries. Apparently they flush too many times (before it's even time! three times in one sitting!) and they're just a terrible creation. He was disappointed when I told him that automatic toilets are not new. My dad's latest hobby is being old and complaining about "new" technology. I'm beginning to think he and your dad should hang out together and tell each other perverted jokes and whatnot.