Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What would *you* do with $15,000,000?

I'm so, so excited right now! Val discovered something quite amazing... The Discovery Channel has a set of robotic, life-sized dinosaurs!!! With a budget of a cool $15mil, these guys are freaking awesome.

I was a bit bummed after Val told me it was in Australia... But it turns out they're going to be on tour in Tacoma in July... Interestingly enough, Val and I are celebrating our 1,000th day together on Friday the 13th in July- right when the show is going to be here. I can't think of a better way to spend a Friday.

Val + life-sized robotic dinosaurs = HOLY SHIT! This *is* awesome!


  1. Wow Julie, for once it rocks to be in the Pacific Northwest. The first two cities announced for the tour are Tacoma and Spokane. I hope they come out this way.

    And for anyone who cares, the link is:

  2. As the say, the West Coast is the best coast! I was very surprised that their first stops were in Tacoma and Spokane- not that I'm complaining!

    Thanks for reminding me about the actually link- teaches me to blog when I'm about passed out on the computer.