Saturday, September 9, 2006

A new obsession...

As some of you already known, I'm prone to obsession. I find one thing to focus on and ignore everything else until my curiousity for said topic has been sated. On one hand it's almost always a positive experience to learn more about something new. On the other, ALL I talk about is my new obsession, whether it's a purse or gems or stocks or travel or various other silly things. I know this behavior has cost me many a good friendship and causes much grief to my fantastic boyfriend.

Well, today I have come to you with yet another obsession to add to my list:

Poison dart frogs!

Recently I've been gathering information and supplies to build the vivarium of all vivariums. I've already ordered polyurethane foam, moss, exotic driftwoods, and I've stockpiled a decent amount of plexiglass, silicon, and various gravel/rocks to build a habitat as natural as possible. Now I'm in the works of finding an appropriate pump to build a waterfall (yes, a mini waterfall!) in the aquarium to provide humidity and a little scenery. So far, this little project has sucked away a good deal of my play money.

The sad thing is that it's going to be at least a month or two before I can get this set up properly enough to enjoy it. The plus side is that it'll allow me some time to find a decent supplier of dart frogs.


  1. Frogs are pretty sweet, especially when brightly colored. When you get them, I demand pictures.

  2. I'll certainly provide lots of them, if I'm lucky enough to finish this project!

    I'm going to spend this weekend working on the vivarium. I just need one more piece of driftwood, some pipes, rubber gloves, and a whole lot of luck. :)