Monday, June 19, 2006

A job with benefits...

There are a lot of things that really annoy me about my job... But those little annoyances fade away when I look at all the benefits. Dental, vision, medical coverage, fantastic vacation perks and a great schedule. The best benefit of all is the free education that comes with handling large sums of money. I'm about the dumbest person in the world when it comes to rationing my paycheck, but I've really cleaned up my act since I've started working at a bank.


Online banking.
Multiple accounts (much, much safer and easier to manage).
ID Theft Inspect ($10/month for access to credit management and $15,000 worth of insurance).
Automatic Bill Pay (Money goes in and magically turns into a check! I don't even have to look at it!).

I'm really hoping to own my own place in the next few years. With a little bit of luck and a lot of work, I'm hoping to turn this dream into a reality. My credit has taken a dive in the last few months, but I know the worst is over now.

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